Sonnbühel Mountain Inn GmbH

Florianigasse 15 | 6370 Kitzbühel
Managing director: Dr. Christian Harisch
ATU number: ATU69955159
Legal form: Limited partnership
FB number:278711w

Phone: +43 5356 62776
Mail: harsich.at@billbox.com


Dear suppliers and business partners,

the most important in short form:

Please only send XML invoices with correct company name if possible. BILLBOX ID and invoice address PDF invoices are still accepted in accordance with clear rules, but will cause additional work.
(Email: HARISCH.AT@billbox.com)

Paper receipts are only accepted in exceptional cases and should be avoided for ecological and cost reasons. contact billbox if you need technical support with regard to fully digital incoming and outgoing invoices

Detailed version:

We administer our costs and invoices 100% digitally - we use billbox for this purpose. In order to meet the growing requirements and at the same time reduce process costs, we ask you to consider and consistently implement the following points:

1. sending invoices as e-invoices

From now on, please send your invoices only as legally compliant e-bills, which offer enormous speed, quality and cost advantages over e-mail or even paper invoices.

billbox supports all legally compliant formats and standards, such as

  • XML
  • billbox_XML
  • etc.

If your company already uses e-bills, please send a test bill by e-mail to EDI@billbox.com to agree on the procedure. Please also send inquiries about supported formats to this address.

A detailed format description for an EDIFACT standard format (only for professionals) can be found here: http://billbox.com/sources/billbox-edi-mig.pdf

An explanation (also for non-specialists) can be found at the following address: http://billbox.com/sources/EDI-FAQ.pdf.

If you only issue invoices on an irregular basis or if you have few invoices, please contact HUB@billbox.com. This will provide you with a free solution for creating legally compliant e-bills.

2. temporarily: Invoice dispatch per PDF file

If, for technical reasons, it is not yet possible to send invoices as e-bills, it is possible to send them as PDF documents to the following e-mail address:

e-mail: HARISCH.AT@billbox.com

This email address is supported for invoices only. The department heads in the respective company or our head office are still responsible for clarifying the contents.

Please note the following when sending PDF files:

The billing address as per point "2 Correct billing addresses including BILLBOX ID" must be observed.
The minimum requirements are the correct company name according to the Austrian Commercial Register and the six-digit BILLBOX ID on the letterhead.

Each invoice may only contain exactly 1 PDF - including delivery notes, attachments etc.
Please combine several invoices into one ZIP file
Please refrain from sending invoices to recipients in our operations or administration, especially no "CC" or "BCC".
(Doublets cause costs of EUR 10.00 and must be avoided at all costs)

3. sending the invoice by post

We kindly ask you to refrain completely from sending by mail. We reserve the right to return them and only accept them in exceptional cases.

2. correct invoice addresses including BILLBOX ID

Please note the simplified invoice addresses. The correct company name and the correct BILLBOX ID are indispensable for speedy processing and payment of your invoice and for avoiding additional work.

If you have any questions regarding content, please contact our respective plant managers at (office@harisch.at) or the billbox team for technical questions by phone on 0662 439501-70 or via e-mail support@billbox.com.

We are looking forward to further cooperation!

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