The love for the mountains is a tradition in Ivan Marzola's family: it is a precious heritage that the father passed on to his children. This passion was probably also the reason why the family, who actually came from Grado, settled in Val Gardena and took over the famous Comici hut in Val Gardena. And it was also this fascination for the mountains - the life-affirming, deep connection to nature, which has not left him since childhood and has always given him many breathtaking moments - that led Ivan to Kitzbühel. There, by chance, he met someone who shared exactly this enthusiasm with him, which immediately made the two of them feel connected in spirit: Christian Harisch.

Ivan Marzola.

With a good glass of wine - as is the custom in Tyrol - Ivan and Christian decided to start a new gastronomy concept together in Sonnbühel. Their vision was to bring the successful concept of the Comici Hut to Tyrol and to merge it there with the long tradition and the exquisite ambience of the legendary Sonnbühel into a unique project.



Fine Dining experience

Probably the oldest ski hut in the world, the "Sonnbühel", has been providing high feelings on the Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm since 1924. In 2016, Dr. Christian Harisch, together with the South Tyrolean Ivan Marzola, started a new era in Sonnbühel with the aim of reinventing Alpine gastronomy.


"Dolce far niente" was already popular in the "golden" twenties of the last century at Sonnbühel. When big industrialists and members of Berlin's elite golf club lounged there in the sun, devoted themselves entirely to the exquisite enjoyment of nature and skiing and even thought about a golf course up there. Sonnbühel's reputation grew when it became a hot spot for the ever-increasing number of skiers and hikers after the war.

Celebrities from home and abroad chose Sonnbühel as their favourite place in the Kitzbühel Alps, not only because of its wonderful location, authentic ambience and popular sun terrace. Also exuberant parties, exclusive après-ski and especially a cuisine that star chef Eckart Witzigmann nonchalantly counted "among the best above 1,000 metres" made this place a prominent part and famous "power place" of the legend Kitzbühel.



The passion for crustaceans and fish was born in the cradle of the famous star chef from Grado.